Spooks bio

Spooks Joya

Spooky Joya, Award winning Tattoo Artists, Co-Founder of Fallen SparrowTattoo Co. Originally from Queens New York, got his start, at the age of 22, in the tattoo industry at a shop in Greenwich Village, NY. “I feel I was destined to be a tattoo artist. -Read More



Legion bio


Award winning tattooist, and co-founder of Fallen Sparrow Tattoo Co., Legion Avegno, began tattooing in October of 2006. Since a boy, Legion remembers being artistic, which later would turn into a career choice. -Read More



Alixxx bio


From an early age drawing came natrually, from drawing on homework to handing in tests with graffitti on the back. It wasn’t until highschool that I began to take art serious learning about different mediums and art forms. -Read More



Chad bioChad Best

Originally from San Luis Obispo County, California. Upon completion of my military service I worked as a Gov’t contractor in Washington DC while doing my tattoo apprenticeship at a reputable shop in the DC area. -Read More



Chi Roc bioChi Roc

Sammy “Chi-Roc” Perez, born & raised in the west side of Chicago, grew up with spray paint cans in his hands. Graffiti culture was a major part of his life in his early years allowing him to express himself artistically on public walls and train yards in and around his Humboldt Park neighborhood. -Read More



Sky bio


 I was eleven when I told my mom that I was going to be a tattoo artist. Little did she know that I would pursue and fulfill my dream later down the winding road. I started researching what it would take to learn this highly artistic profession. -Read More



Oscar bioO.G.

 Looking back, Art has always been an immense part of my life. While other kids played video games and sport activities, I found myself sitting at home drawing just about everything I laid eyes on. -Read More



Billy 2Billy the Piercer

Billy, originally from Detroit, attended UCF after moving to Florida, majoring in Forensics Science studying to become a Medical Examiner. He was no stranger to tattoo studios, having tattoos over most of his body, he says “all my  tattoos have meaning and stories behind them”. -Read More